Northfield - places to meet and relax

This feature looks at places in Northfield where you can meet friends and relax. Enjoy!

There are many places to meet friends and relax with friends and family in Northfield.

Here are a few suggestions including a great park, a library and a few local pubs. 


Victoria Common Recreation Ground 

A lovely open space and recreation ground hidden behind the Northfield Shopping Centre just a short distance away from the Northfield High Street on Bristol Road South. Go HERE for more.

Photo by Elliott Brown


Northfield Library

A wonderful place to spend time, relax and explore some of Northfield's history contained at the library.  Go HERE for more.

Photo by B31.


The Black Horse Public House

A Mock Tudor Mansion House style public house in Northfield situated on Bristol Road South.  Go HERE for more.

Photo by Elliot Brown


The Great Stone Public House

The Great Stone is a timber-framed 18th century public house near St Laurence Church in Northfield. In the heart of old Northfield village.  Go HERE for more.

Photo by Elliott Brown




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